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Artist Alias Request Thread Talulah DanbooruBot
Loli/shota check thread Lyren Jigsy
Upload Feedback Thread Talulah Talulah
Ratings check thread ANJU ANJU
alias photo-referenced -> img2img pending tremolo measure tremolo measure
Deprecate shiny pending n3 tremolo measure
"rating:s" on a lot of my uploads ertajla Lyren
Mixed models and tagging Lyren Ocean3
artist rename approved Dramorian Dramorian
Ambiguous names approved Lyren DanbooruBot
"Pixel art" styled posts ANJU tremolo measure
Rename evergreen_tree -> conifer pending user 1154 redjoe23
Flag Vandalism Nacho Talulah
Cafe Unofficial - minor name change (model) pending Ocean3 antlers anon
how to delete upload Prossh Jigsy
Please delete my posts and account entirely KXY95 KXY95
bad_* tags approved ANJU Lyren
AI Metadata via API johnhoj Talulah
AI metadata model hash common names? de-generate redjoe23
Category in names (model) approved Ocean3 DanbooruBot
alias helm -> helmet rejected Ocean3 DanbooruBot
alias heart-shaped_pasties -> heart_pasties approved tremolo measure DanbooruBot
paint_on_body and bodypaint -> paint pending redjoe23 Lyren
alias k_on! -> k-on! rejected ANJU DanbooruBot
Anime image board? Voltorka Talulah
Should covered_nipples imply nipples? How about covered_navel implying navel? rejected Imperishable NEET DanbooruBot
Suggestion for Bare Legs to imply Legs rejected Imperishable NEET DanbooruBot
Alias faux_traditional_media -> traditional_media redjoe23 DanbooruBot
tag clarifications antlers anon ANJU
Noticing a lot of untagged loli posts elo0007master user 1154
How do I request deletion/appeal on a post? ertajla ANJU
question: tricks to hide / fix bad fingers? swordfish Soopy
Tagme - Fixing up the Unfixable Soopy Soopy
Character Tag Request Soopy Soopy
Becoming a Mod/Approver? Soopy Soopy
deprecate prompt_request Jigsy Talulah
Tag Discussion: Hands Down Soopy ANJU
alias reaching_out -> reaching_towards_viewer approved ANJU DanbooruBot
can someone finally approve my post, or whats wrong with it? iodoff ANJU
new required tags? de-generate ANJU
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