nuking _(style) tags

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The bulk update request #252 has been rejected.


nuke 7nu_(style)
nuke aaaa_(quad-a)_(style)
nuke aha_(style)
nuke airandou_(style)
nuke ajimita_(style)
nuke akairiot_(style)
nuke ama_mitsuki_(style)
nuke aoin_(style)
nuke ask_(style)
nuke asou_(asabu0)_(style)
nuke azasuke_(style)
nuke bacheally_(style)
nuke bee_(deadflow)_(style)
nuke bishoujo_senshi_sailor_moon_(style)
nuke bluethebone_(style)
nuke bunbun_(style)
nuke bunnyboi_(style)
nuke camonome_(style)
nuke carl_larsson_(style)
nuke carrot_(style)
nuke chiharu_shiota_(style)
nuke chon_(chon33v)_(style)
nuke cirenk_(style)
nuke comboanddoodles_(style)
nuke d-floe_(style)
nuke darkest_dungeon_(style)
nuke demizu_posuka_(style)
nuke dino_(style)
nuke doppel_(style)
nuke dsmile9_(style)
nuke ebifurya_(style)
nuke ellen_jewett_(style)
nuke elliemaplefox_(style)
nuke enkyo_yuuichirou_(style)
nuke eu03_(style)
nuke fajyobore_(style)
nuke fastrunner04_(style)
nuke fernando_correa_(style)
nuke fishine_(style)
nuke fkey_(style)
nuke francis_bacon_(style)
nuke fukumaaya_(style)
nuke fumio_(rsqkr)_(style)
nuke futa_(nabezoko)_(style)
nuke fuya_(tempupupu)_(style)
nuke fuzichoco_(style)
nuke gainax_(style)
nuke gattles_(style)
nuke gin_moku_(style)
nuke ginseng_(style)
nuke gloss_(style)
nuke gogalking_(style)
nuke greatmosu_(style)
nuke guild_wars__(style)
nuke hakua_(style)
nuke happoubi_jin_(style)
nuke hcnone_(style)
nuke hero_neisan_(style)
nuke hidari_(left_side)_(style)
nuke honouri_(style)
nuke hungry_clicker_(style)
nuke ibuo_(style)
nuke ice_reizou_(style)
nuke iris_compiet_(style)
nuke iwzry_(style)
nuke jk_(style)
nuke joy_ride_(style)
nuke jujunaught_(style)
nuke kaamin_(style)
nuke kafun_(style)
nuke kajinman_(style)
nuke kampan_(style)
nuke kawakami_rokkaku_(style)
nuke kcccc_(style)
nuke khyle_(style)
nuke kincora_(style)
nuke kleggs_(style)
nuke kohei_horikoshi_(style)
nuke konoshige_(style)
nuke konya_karasue_(style)
nuke kotoyama_(style)
nuke kouno_(masao)_(style)
nuke kuren_kren_(style)
nuke kuro_shiro_(kuro96siro46)_(style)
nuke kuronomiki_(style)
nuke lack_(style)
nuke lam_(style)
nuke maggi_(style)
nuke magister_(style)
nuke mappa_(style)
nuke marron_marron_(style)
nuke masahiro_ito_(style)
nuke melon_(style)
nuke melowh_(style)
nuke meme50_(style)
nuke menma_(enaic31)_(style)
nuke mignon_(style)
nuke mimonel_(style)
nuke minaba_hideo_(style)
nuke minus8_(style)

part 1

The bulk update request #253 has been rejected.


nuke mitsuki_sanagi_(style)
nuke mossacannibalis_(style)
nuke muk_(monsieur)_(style)
nuke murata_yuusuke_(style)
nuke mystical_(style)
nuke nadegata_(style)
nuke nafta_(style)
nuke necro_(nekurodayo)_(style)
nuke necrosmos_(style)
nuke nora_higuma_(style)
nuke norza_(style)
nuke nyamota_(style)
nuke nyantcha_(style)
nuke ohasi_(style)
nuke owler_(style)
nuke parororo_(style)
nuke pinkdrawz_(style)
nuke pochi_(style)
nuke pochincoff_(style)
nuke puuzaki_puuna_(style)
nuke qys3_(style)
nuke rabbit_(wlsdnjs950)_(style)
nuke raichiyo33_(style)
nuke raita_(style)
nuke reddizen_(style)
nuke reiq_(style)
nuke rella_(style)
nuke riz_(style)
nuke robaato_(style)
nuke rune_(dualhart)_(style)
nuke ruzhai_(style)
nuke ryo_agawa_(style)
nuke ryusei_hashida_(style)
nuke ryuukishi07_(style)
nuke saltyxodium_(style)
nuke sashimi_(style)
nuke sciamano40_(style)
nuke semikichi_(style)
nuke sesield_(style)
nuke shexyo_(style)
nuke shindol_(style)
nuke sho_(style)
nuke sian_(style)
nuke sindoll_(style)
nuke sinensian_(style)
nuke slawek_fedorczuk_(style)
nuke slugbox_(style)
nuke solipsist_(style)
nuke solo_leveling_(style)
nuke spacezin_(style)
nuke speedosausage_(style)
nuke ssambatea_(style)
nuke starmilk_(style)
nuke starraisins_(style)
nuke suzuki_ken'ya_(style)
nuke synecdoche_(style)
nuke takamichi_(style)
nuke takeda_hiromitsu_(style)
nuke tanaka_kusao_(style)
nuke tekuho_no_habo_(style)
nuke thiccwithaq_(style)
nuke tiffynyaa_(style)
nuke timbougami_(style)
nuke tohdraws_(style)
nuke toin_(iitoin)_(style)
nuke tony_taka_(style)
nuke toroboro_(style)
nuke tsuaii_(style)
nuke tsubonari_(style)
nuke tsukumizu_yuu_(style)
nuke tsurui_(style)
nuke umezawa_itte_(style)
nuke usagi_nagomu_(style)
nuke vicineko_(style)
nuke vox_machina_(style)
nuke wagashi98_(style)
nuke wamudraws_(style)
nuke warugaki_(sk-ii)_(style)
nuke william_blake_(style)
nuke wlsdnjs950_(style)
nuke yabby_(style)
nuke yaegashi_nan_(style)
nuke yamamoto_souichirou_(style)
nuke yaro_(style)
nuke yoneyama_mai_(style)
nuke yoshimon_(style)
nuke youmu-kun_(style)
nuke yt_(wai-tei)_(style)
nuke yukino_minato_(style)
nuke ziyun_(style)
nuke zyugoya_(style)

part 2

99% of these tags are for images that are supposed to be for images imitating a specific artist's style, but I've been shown that these are at least somewhat pointless because you can search for keywords in metadata, like artist names/tags used in the prompt or lora(s) used to get the desired style.

I feel like they have become useless at this point, but I want to see if others feel like they are worth keeping or not.

Voting up but not because of the search. Style tags seem to be subjective which can lead to confusion. Sure there are other subjective tags like the whole loli/petite thing but they at least serve an important purpose in filtering.

Too much subjectivity and at best ambiguous application. Why should I tag an image for x artist just because their style was used in the pic? The only time it could be applicable is if it's CLEARLY visibly replicated in their style, otherwise it's just a modifier like all the other tools. If you wanted to tag artists on ai gen you'd have to start putting 10+ artist tags on every image just because parts of their styles are visible on generic gens due to having been included in the overall dataset, and in the same vein no one fucking tags an artist's pics with another artist just because their style looks similar.

Even if an artist tag was used, I made the fucking picture, not the artist. Most of them don't want to be associated with ai gens to begin with, even if they're fine with the idea of their art being used in ai.

And this is a booru first with metadata, not an ai 1:1 cooking recipe replicator library. It's for looking at images.

I agree that it's more subjective here than, say, Danbooru given that someone can use multiple artist tags in the prompt and get images that merge traits from the used tags. Even using a single tag doesn't guarantee an image that looks like it was drawn by the artist who's tag was used.

I'm also meh on the metadata argument because some people use a style tag based off of whatever artist was used in the prompt or based off of whatever artist who's style they were trying to imitate, not necessarily because the image looks like something the artist directly drew. Anyway, at time of this posting, AIBooru has 55,938 uploads (with 25,672 tagged as metadata request, ~54.1% of all posts). The likelihood of any of those posts ever having their metadata found/added is low to none, so I don't feel like it's something that should be a concern.

Kaede_Ono said:

you can search for keywords in metadata

No support; I've no idea how to do this and seems less intuitive + metadata is only sparsely available. If this went through, I would start tagging posts with the artist instead.