Deprecate "violet" tags

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Iroshi said:

Violet eyes and violet hair used to be alises in Danbooru, but those were reverted for convenience in mid 2021

"These are hair and eye colors that are infrequently used yet show up in autocomplete for some common searches.", however for us it makes sense because people can't be bothered to change tags from Sankaku to AIB. Maybe it's not much of an issue on Dan, but it seems that way on here.

Personally I am in more favour of having more color tags than less. That is why I rejected my own BUR at topic #208 which was created to "make it more like Danbooru".

I would also personally undeprecate yellow_hair as it is in my opinion different from blonde hair; blonde is a faded yellow color and yellow is just strong yellow. Similarly, violet is a faded purple and purple is a strong purple.

Light blue hair & dark blue hair exist instead of being aliased. They are implicated to blue hair. I would vote for implicating violet to purple, as it is indeed just a shade of purple though.

I don't really like having fewer color tags either, but nobody is capable of tagging color right and nobody wants to constantly keep up with them, so we don't have much choice.

Well, unlike gold eyes which is a tag used by multiple people, these violet tags have been used barely by anyone. Violet hair could be alias to light purple hair and violet eyes to purple eyes, unless someone wants to come up with a definition for both that makes those tags interesting enough for people to search and they should be populated at least a little to match that definition before the BUR is about to expire. If not, they should be deprecated and maybe aliased.

Violet panties is kinda, too niché, having one post but I guess same thing, if it gets populated, maybe it can be kept.