lowres tag should include 512x768

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I believe that the tag "lowres" should include the default stable diffusion 1.5 resolution of 512x768 / 768x512, my reasoning is that it usually exhibit significant artifacts on both the face and hands, which is often fixable with hiresfix, although it can also be fixable with inpainting and adetailer while retaining the resolution, so im also partially conflicted, but i still believe that including it under the "lowres" tag will help users identify and filter out such images more effectively.

By implementing this update, i hope we can enhance the browsing experience for users who prefer "high-quality" AI-generated art while ensuring transparency regarding image quality.

And that's pretty much it :3 Happy to hear ideas and suggestions
I hope i posted this in the correct place x)
// Sulph

There are quite a number of lowres generations here that are rather questionable/poor quality, and while I try to not go out of my way to approve many of that size, "lowres" doesn't inherently mean low quality. There is the occasional one that does turn out looking pretty good.

Since this is a kind of different content, I wouldn't really be against such a change. I do believe it would require a code modification, though because lowres is an auto-tag (meaning that the system automatically applies it to any post that qualifies for it).

As it stands it's also not heavily used (only 58 posts currently with that tag), so I don't mind expanding its criteria a little more.

antlers_anon said:

Tbh I don't really see the point in the lowres, highres etc tags. You can always just do mpixels:<=0.4 to get images 512x768 or lower. I am not opposed to the change in any way but I don't feel like it's necessary either.

Ease of use mostly. I use more advanced search qualifiers too, but a lot of people are casual browsers and not people who are going to spend the time and effort to familiarize themself with booru nomenclature. Once you're builder and above you're kind not representative already of the non-uploading consumer, essentially.