Gold eyes

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Ocean3 said:

A lot of the time I have cases where I specifically tag for gold eyes that aren't yellow, useful for me
I may have been the one who made the tag in the first place

If we think of hair and eye tags, I think Danbooru has gotten a bit too strict with them, I have had this opinion ever since yellow hair was aliased to blonde hair. But I am trying to think with -booru brains with these aliases and implications, and since gold eyes doesn't exist in Danbooru, people might not want it here either.

I've said in the past I don't think there is a need to follow so closely to other sites aka 'booru brain' that you mention lol - it's more sensible to do what makes sense for the context and what users think. I replied regarding both topics here a bit in the discord ๐Ÿ‘

In short, I would like to keep the tag personally as I prompt for gold eyes a lot of the time. Some of the ones I've tagged so far with the tag I admit lean toward more gradient/yellow/orange aspects sometimes, though are still gold imo and trying to portray as such.