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I've been taking care to upload good quality generations, still lot of my posts are getting disapproved. Would like to mention that although getting disapproved, lot of such posts have gathered good number of favorites.

Just wanted to know why popular posts are getting no acceptance. Are there any specific negative biased around certain copyrights?

Any other tips on maintaining a good upload limit? I am all ears for a constructive feedback.

Artist name: eisenbricher

Updated by Anju the Elegant Kitsune

This should probably be in the upload feedback thread, but here's what I think.
Most approvers, me included, have a pretty strong bias against bad fingers, incorrect number of limbs and similar AI mistakes. This is especially pronounced when the image has realistic shading like yours. This has usually nothing to do with the overall quality of the image, in fact I really like the images you've posted, especially the newer ones, but the hands / limb problems were too distracting in my opinion.

I went through your unapproved posts and undeleted a few of them.

I will add quickly that most of the approvers probably have differing level of tolerance when it comes to such errors/mistakes in an image and personally I can overlook things like slightly bad hands and other small errors if I like the overall picture enough or feel that the error(s) don't detract too much from it.

I went ahead and approved post #36263, post #39543, and post #39556 (although one of the girl's hands is a little bad in the last one).

There's also a handful of others that interested me like post #37872 (but the hands are pretty glaringly bad), post #36048 (the hands look questionable and the feet have issues), post #39547 (but some of the fingers look cut-off/detached), and post #39277 (the hand to the left of the image looks pretty bad).