meta tag proposal: incorrect_prompt

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Things that will fall under this tag:

  • Prompt is incomplete or will in no way lead to anything near the image and is missing an inpainting/editing tag. When in doubt, don't use the tag.

Things that will not fall under this tag:

  • Prompt is missing
  • You can't reproduce the image exactly using the prompt. If it's believable, there is no reason to tag this.
  • The prompt does not lead directly to the image but is required for later inpainting or editing.

Example usecases:

  • Prompt has only 2 words but somehow includes many different objects that would never show up without a prompt.
  • Prompt contains details of a different image.
  • Some dummy posted both the negative and positive prompts in a single box and now it is hard to determine where the positive stops and the negative ends.

I believe this will clean up the has:prompt filter.

Thoughts? Is this too subjective for a meta tag? Any other guidelines it would need to follow to be effective? Does this need to be split into multiple tags?