Add new model tags

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So i've been using a bunch of models that are yet unlisted on AIBooru, which are not merge models.
As such i feel like they deserve to have their own tag, so people know what's actually going on.

Alternatively I could use just merged_model instead, but I feel that's less informative.

What would be a good way of going about this? For example, if i want to add the "Cafe Unofficial Instagram TEST" model available on the sdmodels rentry, i tried doing model:Cafe_Unofficial_Instagram_TEST which seemed the logical way, but that didn't do anything.

Then theres the case of sources, as not all models are available on Huggingface or similarly reputable places. Creating a wiki article for the tags so people can find the models in question is obviously a big one as well.

Do we have to submit a model tag request somewhere and include sources or, what would be the way?