solo & multiple_views

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I want to hear AIBooru's opinion on this matter which has been discussed elsewhere in the past. The question is, should we tag solo on posts with multiple views with one character, or have it as an "if the post has multiple views, do not tag it as solo" kind of deal? Currently, the posts are mixed between both so this decision has to be made for consistency.

My own opinion? If an image has one character, it is one character AKA solo, regardless of the character being depicted from multiple views/angles. If the character is interacting with another self, such as post #8320 carrying herself, it is not solo, but rather something such as clone, or in this post, time paradox would fit better.

Both tags should be used. The whole thing about them being mutually exclusive was an arbitrary Danbooru decision that never made any sense. If people search for solo, they want pictures of that character with no other characters, regardless of how many views of them are.

We'll go with tagging both solo & multiple_views into the same post then. I'll remove the line "Images with this tag should not be tagged solo." from the wiki and add the missing solo posts from multiple_views.