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I saw one of the pics I generated and chucked on /h/ together with its prompt uploaded here and it has the artist_request tag on it (post #3806). I'm genuinely curious how that would work since the prompt is right there under the pic. Heck, if the filename didn't match the one that's currently still sitting in my txt2img output folder I couldn't even be sure if that's mine or just generated with the same prompt.

So I guess my question is how could anybody even verify that I came up with that prompt and originally generated that picture? I'm not super fussed about actually being attributed (I put this anonymously on /h/ after all) but when I spotted the pic and saw the artist_request tag I just got curious.

Lemme guess, you must be using colab to run sdwebui/naifu right? If yes then this is because gradio link is public shared host. So people who used the same link would see and steal your result at their output folder. (Need confirmation)

Better to gives username password or create private tunnel.


Nah, running voldy's web-ui locally. Like I said, nothing was "stolen" here. This isn't a complaint. I put this on /h/ anonymously together with the prompt and somebody uploaded both here. That doesn't bother me at all. If I was opposed to that happening I wouldn't have uploaded it anywhere. Heck, if anything I should be miffed that was the only of any of my images that somebody bothered to upload here.

The "artist_request" tag just got me curious enough to ask what exactly "legitimizes" an artist for generated images. Is whoever puts that image on Pixiv or Twitter or whatever first the official artist for this now?

I think the artist is the one who generated that specific image first. I don't think there's any inherent need to label artists if they are anonymous. Despite the name of the tag, I'm pretty sure it's just there to notify people that the artist is unknown. The nature of AI generation means that it's pretty much impossible to guarantee that any one person did generate an image first if the prompt and seed are publicly available. It's only possible to verify if the prompt or seed is unknown, in which case the artist will be the only one to know how to recreate the image.

If the prompt and seed are known, the closest you can get to verification is for you to upload your original image and add it as the parent. Because most websites strip exif data, the existing image will likely not have that date of creation while your image will. Yes, this is possible to manipulate. And if you originally uploaded your image in a way that does not strip exif data, this will not work.

Ultimately, I don't think misattribution will be an issue. If someone wants attribution for their image, they will upload it here themselves and tag themselves as the artist. There's not much reason for anybody to claim other people's generated images for themselves when they have the prompt available to them to generate their own images. So if someone does claim an image for themselves, and they have a good history, I don't see any reason to doubt their position as the artist.


@Beard As I see it if you want it attributed then put up a proper source where you shared first and add your whatever artist tag your want.
If the file is of worst quality on aibooru compared to your original then ask for replacement.

mkbin said:

Should anonymous users with recognizable identities (such as maid anon and vt anon [actually not sure if this is one]) still be tagged as a drawfag? Asking since I noticed @Jemnite had removed it from post #32208 which I added a few days ago. To me it seems useful to keep both since they still originate from and only post their work on *chans.

I mean.. if they have an identity of some kind, then I think that their specific artist tag should suffice. You could add wiki info to their artist entry stating they only post stuff on *chans or that they have no other social media or something.

Edit: I don't know what the vt anon one is, but I don't remember if that's for a specific person.

mkbin said:

I had forgotten maid_anon actually has had a Pixiv for a while. Added wiki info and removed drawfag from the existing posts.
I don't think vt_anon refers to any specific person either. Maybe should be deprecated.

Okay, well that works out nicely.

Also, about vt anon; that tag was made back in October of 2022 afaik and the person who made it hasn't been on in a good while so there's really no way to ask them what it's supposed to be for... so unless there's a specific purpose for it, I'm fine with deprecating and replacing it with drawfag.