Make it so self_upload adds the uploader as an artist

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It could lead to accidental duplicates in cases where the artist has uploads elsewhere and an artist tag under a different name without their AIBooru profile as an artist URL. I'm not sure how likely that is though.

I'm glad someone brought the subject of self upload related artist tags because I had wondered if there was a better naming convention to use for them since I've been making most of them.

Some are just the standalone name, others are xxx_(artist) while some others use a different name to their username (like a nickname or variation) altogether. Would name_(user_id) be preferable?

I'm not sure. Maybe?

For pixiv artists, I usually do name_(their_id), but I did wonder if that was bad and should be doing name_(user_pixiv_code) instead.

In the case of some names (like Yumi), the site considered it too generic so wouldn't let me make it, so had to do name_(their_id).


Unfortunately there's not many variables to choose from with the site, it seems. There's user_id and there's sitename, I guess.

I had considered the idea of proposing standardizing the names to user_name_(aibooru), but I don't really like the idea of making the site name the qualifier and no artist, to my knowledge, has ever been tagged as such. Most artists use and upload to more than one site, so I don't want to do something that breaks the current norms like that.

Then again most self uploads are direct file uploads and aren't linked to a site, so maybe it could be an exception.

For my part, I know that any xxx_(artist) tag I created was due to the username either being ambiguous (like god (artist) or anju (artist).) or generally generic (like anon_(artist) and hate_(artist).)

If it's considered fine as-is, that's fine with me. If a different qualifier is desired, that's fine with me too. I don't mind either way at this point, but I would like to know what the preference would be considered.

BUR #23 has been approved by @ANJU.


rename 0_w_0 -> 0_w_0_(aibooru)
rename amadeus -> amadeus_(aibooru)
rename aerie -> aerie_(aibooru)
rename aiaicaptain -> aiaicaptain_(aibooru)
rename aidrawingman1 -> aidrawingman1_(aibooru)
rename aimarumaru -> aimarumaru_(aibooru)
rename aitinker -> aitinker_(aibooru)
rename aken_bosch -> aken_bosch_(aibooru)
rename andite -> andite_(aibooru)
rename anju_(artist) -> fujiwara_no_mokou_(aibooru)
rename anon_(artist) -> anon_(aibooru)
rename antlers_anon -> antlers_anon_(aibooru)
rename aojiroi -> aojiroi_(aibooru)
rename aphex -> aphex_(aibooru)
rename arumi -> arumi_(aibooru)
rename asuswa -> asuswa_(aibooru)
rename bebunio007 -> bebunio007_(aibooru)
rename berryneko -> berryneko_(aibooru)
rename bigtittyelfposter -> bigtittyelfposter_(aibooru)
rename bkgi39 -> bkgi39_(aibooru)
rename blackmesa -> blackmesa_(aibooru)
rename blondebro -> blondebro_(aibooru)
rename byzod -> byzod_(aibooru)
rename champ -> champ_(aibooru)
rename chelicere -> chelicere_(aibooru)
rename chitose -> chitose_(aibooru)
rename chunan_jian_huang_shi -> chunan_jian_huang_shi_(aibooru)
rename codemonkey03 -> codemonkey03_(aibooru)
rename cyf -> cyf_(aibooru)
rename darkness -> darkness_(aibooru)
rename dramorian -> dramorian_(aibooru)
rename dual1020 -> dual1020_(aibooru)
rename elfdisseminator -> elfdisseminator_(aibooru)
rename exlight -> exlight_(aibooru)
rename expertium -> expertium_(aibooru)
rename fallunn -> fallunn_(aibooru)
rename friddledeedoo -> friddledeedoo_(aibooru)
rename fuggy -> fuggy_(aibooru)
rename god_(artist) -> god_(aibooru)
rename goosyan -> goosyan_(aibooru)
rename gordonfreeman_(artist) -> gordonfreeman_(aibooru)
rename goyruh -> goyruh_(aibooru)
rename grgspunk -> grgspunk_(aibooru)
rename hate_(artist) -> hate_(aibooru)
rename hexenwahn -> hexenwahn_(aibooru)
rename hiita -> hiita_(aibooru)
rename hikage -> hikage_(aibooru)
rename imperishable_neet -> imperishable_neet_(aibooru)
rename individuationist -> individuationist_(aibooru)
rename ink_man -> ink_man_(aibooru)
rename irong -> iron_g_(aibooru)
rename karpfador -> karpfador_(aibooru)
rename kdakdakda -> kdakdakda_(aibooru)
rename kether -> kether_(aibooru)
rename keyda -> keyda_(aibooru)
rename kirimaentangle4949 -> kirimaentangle4949_(aibooru)
rename kirito126 -> kirito126_(aibooru)
rename kuji -> kuji_(aibooru)
rename jackeypineapple -> jackeypineapple_(aibooru)
rename janny_destroyer -> janny_destroyer_(aibooru)
rename jaris -> jaris_(aibooru)
rename johnnysuzuki -> johnnysuzuki_(aibooru)
rename laji -> laji_(aibooru)
rename launchie -> launchie_(aibooru)
rename lb -> lb_(aibooru)
rename liquid_greyhound -> liquid_greyhound_(aibooru)
rename lyren -> lyren_(aibooru)
rename m4gnett -> m4gnett_(aibooru)
rename makikuri -> makikuri_(aibooru)
rename maureenius -> maureenius_(aibooru)
rename meow_(artist) -> meow_(aibooru)
rename mikaro-sumine -> mikaro-sumine_(aibooru)
rename momoura -> momoura_(aibooru)
rename moeanimegirls -> moeanimegirls_(aibooru)
rename muffalo -> muffalo_(aibooru)
rename necoma -> necoma_(aibooru)
rename neko_(user_neko) -> neko_(aibooru)
rename nextaltair -> nextaltair_(aibooru)
rename nishikino258 -> nishikino258_(aibooru)
rename noname -> noname_(aibooru)
rename noowltwo -> no_owl_two_(aibooru)
rename notforyou -> notforyou_(aibooru)
rename nsb5580 -> nsb5580_(aibooru)
rename nyaaa -> nyaaa_(aibooru)
rename orangevodka -> orangevodka_(aibooru)
rename percvl -> percvl_(aibooru)
rename pizzaflvru -> pizzaflvru_(aibooru)
rename pnptcn -> pnptcn_(aibooru)
rename potate -> potate_(aibooru)
rename pps12p123 -> pps12p123_(aibooru)
rename promtuska -> promtuska_(aibooru)
rename qisala -> qisala_(aibooru)
rename raikuma -> raikuma_(aibooru)
rename raindeer -> raindeer_(aibooru)
rename rcins -> rcins_(aibooru)
rename rdscribbles -> rdscribbles_(aibooru)
rename regnore -> regnore_(aibooru)
rename regretfulpower1 -> regretfulpower1_(aibooru)
rename reh1d -> reh1d_(aibooru)
rename retrokun -> retrokun_(aibooru)

New naming convention proposal for artist tags of AIBooru users. - Part 1

BUR #26 has been approved by @ANJU.


rename 0_w_0_(aibooru) -> 0_w_0
rename amadeus_(aibooru) -> amadeus
rename aerie_(aibooru) -> aerie
rename aiaicaptain_(aibooru) -> aiaicaptain
rename aidrawingman1_(aibooru) -> aidrawingman1
rename aimarumaru_(aibooru) -> aimarumaru
rename aitinker_(aibooru) -> aitinker
rename aken_bosch_(aibooru) -> aken_bosch
rename andite_(aibooru) -> andite
rename fujiwara_no_mokou_(aibooru) -> fujiwara_no_mokou_(artist)
rename anon_(aibooru) -> anon_(artist)
rename antlers_anon_(aibooru) -> antlers_anon
rename aojiroi_(aibooru) -> aojiroi
rename aphex_(aibooru) -> aphex
rename arumi_(aibooru) -> arumi
rename asuswa_(aibooru) -> asuswa
rename bebunio007_(aibooru) -> bebunio007
rename berryneko_(aibooru) -> berryneko
rename bigtittyelfposter_(aibooru) -> bigtittyelfposter
rename bkgi39_(aibooru) -> bkgi39
rename blackmesa_(aibooru) -> blackmesa
rename blondebro_(aibooru) -> blondebro
rename byzod_(aibooru) -> byzod
rename champ_(aibooru) -> champ_(artist)
rename chelicere_(aibooru) -> chelicere
rename chitose_(aibooru) -> chitose_(artist)
rename chunan_jian_huang_shi_(aibooru) -> chunan_jian_huang_shi
rename codemonkey03_(aibooru) -> codemonkey03
rename cyf_(aibooru) -> cyf
rename darkness_(aibooru) -> darkness_(artist)
rename dramorian_(aibooru) -> dramorian
rename dual1020_(aibooru) -> dual1020
rename elfdisseminator_(aibooru) -> elfdisseminator
rename exlight_(aibooru) -> exlight
rename expertium_(aibooru) -> expertium
rename fallunn_(aibooru) -> fallunn
rename friddledeedoo_(aibooru) -> friddledeedoo
rename fuggy_(aibooru) -> fuggy
rename god_(aibooru) -> god_(artist)
rename goosyan_(aibooru) -> goosyan
rename gordonfreeman_(aibooru) -> gordonfreeman_(artist)
rename goyruh_(aibooru) -> goyruh
rename grgspunk_(aibooru) -> grgspunk
rename hate_(aibooru) -> hate_(artist)
rename hexenwahn_(aibooru) -> hexenwahn
rename hiita_(aibooru) -> hiita
rename hikage_(aibooru) -> hikage_(artist)
rename imperishable_neet_(aibooru) -> imperishable_neet
rename individuationist_(aibooru) -> individuationist
rename ink_man_(aibooru) -> ink_man
rename iron_g_(aibooru) -> iron_g
rename karpfador_(aibooru) -> karpfador
rename kdakdakda_(aibooru) -> kdakdakda
rename kether_(aibooru) -> kether
rename keyda_(aibooru) -> keyda
rename kirimaentangle4949_(aibooru) -> kirimaentangle4949
rename kirito126_(aibooru) -> kirito126
rename kuji_(aibooru) -> kuji
rename jackeypineapple_(aibooru) -> jackeypineapple
rename janny_destroyer_(aibooru) -> janny_destroyer
rename jaris_(aibooru) -> jaris
rename johnnysuzuki_(aibooru) -> johnnysuzuki
rename laji_(aibooru) -> laji
rename launchie_(aibooru) -> launchie
rename lb_(aibooru) -> lb
rename liquid_greyhound_(aibooru) -> liquid_greyhound
rename lyren_(aibooru) -> lyren
rename m4gnett_(aibooru) -> m4gnett
rename makikuri_(aibooru) -> makikuri
rename maureenius_(aibooru) -> maureenius
rename meow_(aibooru) -> meow_(artist)
rename mikaro-sumine_(aibooru) -> mikaro-sumine
rename momoura_(aibooru) -> momoura
rename moeanimegirls_(aibooru) -> moeanimegirls
rename muffalo_(aibooru) -> muffalo
rename necoma_(aibooru) -> necoma
rename neko_(aibooru) -> neko_(user_neko)
rename nextaltair_(aibooru) -> nextaltair
rename nishikino258_(aibooru) -> nishikino258
rename noname_(aibooru) -> noname
rename no_owl_two_(aibooru) -> no_owl_two
rename notforyou_(aibooru) -> notforyou
rename nsb5580_(aibooru) -> nsb5580
rename nyaaa_(aibooru) -> nyaaa
rename orangevodka_(aibooru) -> orangevodka
rename percvl_(aibooru) -> percvl
rename pizzaflvru_(aibooru) -> pizzaflvru
rename pnptcn_(aibooru) -> pnptcn
rename potate_(aibooru) -> potate
rename pps12p123_(aibooru) -> pps12p123
rename promtuska_(aibooru) -> promtuska
rename qisala_(aibooru) -> qisala
rename raikuma_(aibooru) -> raikuma
rename raindeer_(aibooru) -> raindeer
rename rcins_(aibooru) -> rcins
rename rdscribbles_(aibooru) -> rdscribbles
rename regnore_(aibooru) -> regnore
rename regretfulpower1_(aibooru) -> regretfulpower1
rename reh1d_(aibooru) -> reh1d
rename retrokun_(aibooru) -> retrokun

Undoing my mess - Part 1 (part 2 soon)

fredgido said:

We could like we add tagme in code add and create the artist tag with the member username.

One problem I don't see a solution is aibooru members changing their username all the time.

Just rename the tag when it does happen, I guess? Name changes are recorded.