separate model tags

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The bulk update request #18 has been approved by @user_2.

remove implication waifu_diffusion -> stable_diffusion
remove implication novelai -> stable_diffusion
mass update novelai -> -stable_diffusion
mass update waifu_diffusion -> -stable_diffusion

I think it would be better to keep these separate. Right now it seems stable diffusion applies to essentially every post, and since NovelAI and waifu diffusion are way more popular than plain stable diffusion (only three posts under stable_diffusion -novelai -waifu_diffusion) it means 98.6% of our posts currently have two model tags, with only a very small handful of non-SD posts. I'd like to avoid this kind of pointless tag bloat. I think ideally there should only be one model tag per post. Let me know what you think.