An actual honest and serious discussion regarding the scat and fart tags

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Honestly I... can't believe I'm even wanting to have this conversation but here we are. There's been a bit of interesting stuff that went down in the Discord, and it all has to do with one of these two tags, which is fart. I'm not going to argue much in defense of that tag because that tag is pertaining to the scat tag, which is the actual tag that yes, seriously, I will mount a defense for, and thus allow for fart to exist as well.

I made it clear in the Discord, but allow me to make it clear again: guro and pee are allowed. These are both two gross bodily things, one is already a gross bodily function, the other is a gross mutilation of a body. Yes, scat has literally no backers, this isn't like bara where there were clearly more people interested in seeing that allowed on the site, scat is an extreme fetish and an extreme niche, but in my personal opinion, if urination is allowed to exist, and gore is allowed to exist, I don't see why feces can't exist.

Yes, hardly anybody is interested in scat, and it would probably be downvoted harder than yaoi and futanari posts, but that's what tag filters are for and imho just make scat a default blacklisted tag like guro. I doubt anybody wanted a post like post #7091 on the site but there it is, and it's approved. I doubt anybody wanted a post like post #46917 on the site, but there it is, and it's approved. I heavily doubt anybody wanted to see post #69443 but there it is, and approved. If these posts are extreme niche fetishes, practically beyond /d/ tier, what is wrong with scat being on the site? And even if scat is to be locked up, what makes fart so offending? Placky's one fart post was approved and isn't awful, it's just exaggerated green gas coming out of an anus, and I hardly can see why that is an issue.

So yes, as hard as it might be to believe, I will stand firm in my defense of the scat tag and unbanning it from AIB. I don't even like scat content, hell, I won't mind putting that shit in my blacklist, but I at least want to make it fair for like the two or three people who are interested in scat by any chance that they even exist on this site, I don't think extreme niche fetishes should be disallowed and scat is just an unusual outlier.