On the topic of AI tags currently under meta

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I think what's particularly obvious is that we have a plethora of meta tags such as adetailer, controlnet, embedding, lora, and inpainted (along with a few others I may have forgotten about), but as what was brought up in the Discord regarding this issue, these aren't necessarily "meta" in the sense that it describes information about the image like other meta tags do like self-upload, absurdres, commentary, etc., but they don't really belong in the same region that ordinary tags do like 1girl. So the question I have is whether or not we should keep these tags within meta or if it's worth making a new category for these tags to avoid the meta category in images from being bloated up with plenty of tags under it, and if so, what do we designate the name for this new category and what tags would be considered to be moved under it?

I agree; a new category isn't necessary for these tags.

Semi-related, but my post on the Discord wasn't complaining about them "bloating" the metadata section. It was more poking fun at the fact that Danbooru typically never has posts with that many metadata tags, so it would probably freak out a contributor there if they saw it.