Cave tags

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These tags have been bothering me for a while, and in Danbooru thread the discussion just got ignored and never reached any conclusion. So, here are my thoughts:

At the moment, cave & cave interior exist. They do not have any connection between each other in terms of aliases and implications.

In my opinion, there should be
a) cave entrance tag, as images from afar with the entrance being visible are tagged with cave as well.
b) implication from both cave entrance & cave interior to cave. Alternatively, keep cave entrance & cave interior & deprecate cave.

As an extra question that I asked in the Danbooru thread as well: Should cases where the location is inside the cave (like cave interior) but you can also see the entrance hole such as post #23550 be tagged with both cave_interior & cave_entrance?


I don't personally see 'cave interior' being that useful when I could just think to use cave and be done with tagging. I can see uses for 'cave entrance' I suppose. There is also 'cavern' as a term which might denote an interior use to some a bit more 🤷‍♂️

The bulk update request #205 is pending approval.

create implication cave_interior -> cave
create implication cave_entrance -> cave

Going with my initial thoughts as there wasn't that much discussion so it's time for a vote.

Cave interior is used when the camera is inside the cave just like other interior tags, but it is still a cave.

Cave entrance is used when you see a cave from the outside. It would be unintuitive to not tag it when you see the entrance from the inside as well, so I think it applies to those posts too.