Tagging software/tools used

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Almost all posts on this site, and users in general outside of this site, use stable-diffusion-webui to create their initial images. However there are a few instances of other software and web services being used such as comfyui and pixaiart, and are currently being tagged as such. I think it's safe to say we can, for the time being at least, not bother tagging images created with the webui, as that is vastly the most commonly used software. I think all other tools should be suffixed with them being actual software or a web service though to clear any confusion and make wildcard searches with them simpler. comfyui could be aliased to comfyui_(software) but I'm not quite sure how pixaiart should be handled (it's not the same as something like midjourney as users can use other public models). There's a few more of these in existence but their names escape me currently.

There's several extensions being added as metatags we may want to consider giving similar treatment as well, aliasing them to something like *_(extension). controlnet, regional_prompter, lora_block_weight, adetailer, detection_detailer

A minor problem with posts getting tagged with controlnet currently is when reference-control is used, which is technically not related to ControlNet itself, and as far as I'm aware, the only UI to make that available to the end-user is the extension for the webui (the functionality was implemented in the diffusers library but no UIs utilize this currently AFAIK). See favgroup:256 for examples. Perhaps those should get tagged with reference control or similar. I guess I don't want to clutter up the metatags a lot as I wish the metadata was indexed instead but that may be the simple solution for the time being.