Question about watermarks on uploads

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I fully admit that this is probably a stupid subject, but I've been thinking about it for at least a couple days and figured it probably wouldn't hurt to ask and (hopefully) get other opinions about it.

There were three relatively recent uploads; post #34950, post #35009, and post #35125. 35009 was disapproved (so far) by 3 approvers specifically because of the image having a relatively large watermark and it kind of reminded me of several months ago when post #12996 and post #12997 were uploaded and they got massively downvoted and a few complained because of the watermarks.

With the last two, I understand a lot more because they seemed to serve more as promotional material for the patreon instead of the content really being the focus, but I'm wondering what the opinion in general is about uploads containing sizable/large watermarks on them.

Should they be allowed, disallowed, or maybe just discouraged (but not disallowed)?

I'm gonna say only discouraged because I don't want to think about what qualifies as a "large" watermark. If the image looks good it should be allowed. It will probably be judged harsher same as censored images (at least by me).

Imo post #35009 is bad because of weird boob and missing anus, post #35125 has something weird going on with the right leg.

if it were up to me, I would allow watermarks, but the person who uploads them should be open to downvoted or receive several negative comments, besides, as a person who approves posts from time to time, I would think about it more than 3 times compared to a normal post.

the only thing i would never approve would be post like this one, post #12997
it covers 3/4 of the image, it's in the center instead of a corner, it's not translucent, and on top of that, in other social networks like twitter, there was another version with a more acceptable watermark, post #18931

even so, if there is a change to the rules related to watermarking, I will not oppose it.

I also know there's quite a number of posts that have watermarks and I've never had an issue with it. I only brought this up because of larger ones that obscure more of the image aren't something I particularly like, but I was curious what other thoughts were about this.

In any case, I doubt it would result in a rule change.