Aliasing Locon/LyCORIS/LoRA variants to only LoRA

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locon seems like an unneccesary tag to me. It's a modification of LoRA, of which there are now several.

It should either be aliased to lycoris, which is actually just more confusing since in the context of anime it usually refers to exactly that, or aliased to lora. I'm more inclined towards the latter because it all uses the concept of Low Rank Adaptation. Tagging them separately would be like tagging hypernet depending on the activation function.

Opening this topic before making an alias request since I know for some this might seem controversial.

We have a lot of images generated with lycoris tagged as Lora and I also think that since it's basically just a modified lora it shouldn't have a separate tag

usually refers to exactly that

Also lycoris is a flower.