about grapefruit and the name change?

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well, I have a question regarding grapefruit_(model)
recently, this model has been renamed "Hassaku (hentai model)"

this can be checked by going to the wiki, when you open the link to civitai it redirects to the model with the new name.

However, in the Hassaku description, there is a link to grapefruit.

I don't understand what to do in this case, they are two different models and therefore deserve different tags? the tag should be renamed? an alias?
I don't want to edit the wiki and make a mess.

If it's the same model/recipe, an alias could work?

If it's a re-mixed model with alterations and changes as an 'updated' rebranded version, it can be a new model tag imo. CivitAI pages host various versions on a single page. So if the original creator of the model mix is managing that page and uploaded this new mix with a similar recipe (but kept the older versions), then it'd make sense to keep two tags here imo.

Not sure if the civitai page is the original creator - I remember that model name being used for a while now and first saw mention on the rentry pages iirc. Those pages had recipes listed, so I'm sure there are a lot of different versions from people who followed the recipe, accurately or not.

I would prefer we make it two separate if the page is different and hashes are different.
What do you think of keeping c590550ea5 as grapefruit_(model) and tag hassaku_(model) when there is a new pic with the new hash 973CB455D0?