Alias GyozaMix to GyozanMix

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As they use the same huggingface repository it's probably less confusing that way. Sorry for the confusion when I was tagging my uploads, I didn't really think I was going to put out so many versions.

Jemnite said:

Should probably format this correctly. Apologies. Never used a booru forum before.

There is a "Request alias/implication" button on the top of the page. That form has a request textbox where you can type the bulk update request.

create alias gyozamix -> gyozanmix

Jemnite made the mixes and was trying to associate them under the one tag
trying to retry this as it was auto-rejected i guess?

Edit: I don't know how to retrigger vote :)
@Jemnite you could also just change the tags on those images, delete the wiki of the one, etc. there aren't many