"rating:s" on a lot of my uploads

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So, I've been away for a month and I come back to see that 13 of my 16 uploads have been modified to use rating:sensitive over rating:general. It's leaving me very confused right now. When I compare post #12095 to post #12024, I don't get why post #12024 is now sensitive while post #12095 was and still is 'general'. I'm not angry or mad about it, just very confused. If post #12095 doesn't appear to fit the criteria for rating:sensitive while looking like it does when compared to some of the less 'sensitive'-looking uploads, like post #12033 or post #11707, why are the majority of others set to rating:sensitive? Is there an explanation or a note given to why those edits were made? I'm genuinely confused what makes a picture, like post #11707, more sensitive than post #12095 for example, which fits the sensitive criteria due to slightly suggestive/seductive pose and facial expression in comparison to post #11707, where half the face you can't even see, and the pose/gesture is way out of the range of being sensitive as much as I know. I could just be wrong too, so correct me if I'm wrong. I'm still learning...

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