"Pixel art" styled posts

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I had kind of pushed the subject out of my head since posts attempting to emulate a pixel art style are seldom uploaded, but when I viewed post #15840, post #15843 and post #15844 I started to think about how, to my knowledge, it seems like no AI model can really do the "pixel art" style super well, although sometimes relatively good results can come out of it like post #7589.

I had wondered if the pixel_art tag should be renamed (like how traditional media was changed to faux_traditional_media) or if it should be considered disallowed content altogether... considering I think a lot of it looks really low quality.

Even if it's not really important I still want to hear any other thoughts about it.

It's still art that is formed with bigger squares than normal to make it look pixelated, just like with human-made art, so I don't know why it should be renamed, I'd say it's quite an intuitive name for it.

I don't see a reason for disallowing it either. You can have both good and bad art with any tag, such as 3d having a big deletion rate on both Danbooru & AIBooru, but the good images are still good and a lot of people still want to see them.

honestly, not allow it does not seem to me to be the solution, that is, it is true that a pixel-art made by an AI and of good quality is difficult to generate/find, but not impossible.
with respect to renaming it, I don't see the logic either, I mean, with traditional media it made sense since an IA (for the moment) cannot draw on physical paper.
in the case of pixel art is different, since (almost) always the medium to draw this style is a digital medium, also, although imperfect, the IA tries to replicate the style such as using a limited color palette.
I think we have to give time for the current AIs to improve, I have great hope for RetroDiffusion, their results look promising.

Moreover, this place has been open for a long time to a multitude of non-anime styles, such as realism.
not allowing pixel art (even if it is combined with anime style) seems unfair to me.
that's my opinion.