How do I request deletion/appeal on a post?

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As the title says. It's my first time on any kind of 'booru', so I'm lost as to how exactly one would be able to appeal or otherwise request deletion on their post without waiting 3 days.

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  • Appealing a post isn't a formal process. All you do is go to a deleted post, hit "Appeal," then that's it. Adding a reason, might help it get approved before sending it through, but it's not required.

    For requesting a deletion, you can simply message an approver to delete any post. All you'd need to do is send the link(s) to whatever posts you'd want deleted.

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  • Talulah said:

    Posts should generally not be manually deleted unless they break the rules. Deleting a pending post will cost the uploader five upload slots.

    I wasn't referring to pending posts. Only to active ones that may be requested to be deleted.

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