Should covered_nipples imply nipples? How about covered_navel implying navel?

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The bulk update request #58 has been rejected.

create implication covered_nipples -> nipples
create implication covered_navel -> navel

I notice erect_nipples is now aliased to covered_nipples. However, the redundant tag covered_erect_nipples still exists, which I've edited out and replaced with covered_nipples and nipples. Same goes for covered_abs.

Maybe covered nipples should imply nipples, which it currently doesn't. Same goes for covered_navel and navel. You'll sometimes see both these tags on a work, and sometimes only the covered one.

However, it appears to be the same on Danbooru. Are we just going off their tags?


This implication would make covered nipples and covered navel lose their specific search utility. Also, Danbooru doesn't have these implications. A cursory look at the wiki pages of both nipples and navel show why this is a bad idea:

DanWiki regarding nipples:
This tag should only be used when the nipples themselves are visible. If they are only noticeable through clothing by way of being erect, use covered nipples instead. The only time both can apply is when the clothing is see-through.

DanWiki regarding navel:
The belly button is showing, usually goes with either nude, stomach or midriff. Contrast with covered navel. Often occurs with clothing that displays the midriff.

One is for exposed skin and the other is for covered skin, so they should remain completely separate.